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Prior to my initial meeting with Bexar County Welding, I had reviewed the requirements needed for this (and future) projects that RMC would need to provide the inspectors should we be awarded a contract. This was going to be "Mission Impossible." I met with Craig, he reviewed what was required, what we had, toured the facility. As big as a challenge as I felt that was ahead of us, Craig was as calm and as cool as if we were discussing the weather. He explained what had to happen, when it had to happen and who had to do what and when. During this first meeting we developed an outline, a time table and a procedure to do it. Craig did something that I had never seen before or since. Because this was Stainless Steel Welding, Craig asks to meet the welding operators before they performed the welding tests. When I ask why, Craig said he wanted to talk to them about the test, maybe see a little bit of their ability. No one ever wants to see an outsider walk into their shop and start telling people how to do their job; I admit I was nervous about this. I have never witnessed someone with Craig's ability to instantly buy into his offer to help them and to teach them new techniques. Within a three week period, Craig had set-up the welding tests, witnessed each of the tests, submitted the welding coupons to a testing facility for bend tests and ultimate and presented a final package to me , which I presented to the agency for approval. Our Procedures were approved without any re-write, omissions or additions required.

RMC was awarded the contract; actually there were four different contracts Craig was hired as the CWI for the project(s). Craig's knowledge, experience and attitude towards his work and the people he's working for or with are rare indeed. I am happy to recommend Bexar County Welding / Craig Chuha for any structural steel or piping inspection or welding, a finer man you will not find.

Regis R. Coyle,
Director of Operations, Corporate Secretary

Craig & BCW constantly looks for ways to make difficult project simpler by working smarter. As a business owner he marketed his service into a very successful level by completing jobs on time and within budget.


John Pummer




Bexar County Welding / Craig has assisted Gregg Drilling and Testing, Inc. for the last couple years on many fabrications projects, plus the normal take apart, fix and rebuild projects. We have an ongoing work load of rebuilding drill rigs and support equipment as well as customization to meet specific projects. His knowledge and insight was always important to accomplishing the project.

This past year we custom built a mud system, rebuilt a damaged drill, modified a drill to fit a floating barge and a jack-up platform. The jack-up platform, known as Skate III, was shipped by Seacore from England to Anchorage Alaska and assembled with our drilling equipment very efficiently. Bexar County Welding / Craig's assistance with the commissioning of the Skate III made this effort flow smoothly.

Daniel T. Meyer, Assistant to the President
Gregg Drilling and Testing, Inc.

Craig has set the standard for other contractors in Iraq to meet. He provided the professional and driven desire to deliver the customer with a quality product. Without hesitation want to thank Craig for a job well done.

Charles Abner
Chief of Staff
Law & Order Task Force

I would like to personally thank you for all of your support and efforts to provide life support for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. It is a credit to your professionalism, expertise, and loyalty that each member of the FAO' owes you a debt of gratitude that will not be forgotten.

Thank you for your service.

Stephen M. Bodwell
MSG, US Corps of Engineers

Craig is probably the best mechanical field super I have worked with. I would give him my highest recommendation.


Mark Palmquist

Project Manager

Fluor Intercontinental, Inc.

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